A simple 8-Bit Synthesizer for Cockos REAPER

From 13.02.2017 to 13.04.2017, I worked on making an own synthesizer as an IT Project for my school. When I started, I thought, it could not be that hard to create own VST plugins. There were software like SynthEdit or SynthMaker, which allows you to create VST plugins really quick by drag and dropping components and connect them each other. But I wanted to code. And with Java, your possibilites are different there. I found a plugin called jVSTwRapper in the Internet, which allows you to use Java VST. But since I was not spotting any further informations on how to create your own synth, I tried something different.

JesuSonic, short known as JS, is the answer. JesuSonic is a programming language, which is similar to EEL and it is integrated in REAPER. You can build your plugins by just coding in real time. Surely, I had not that much informations but I should have get a fully working synthesizer done by May. A lot of researches in the Internet helped me to customize my own synthesizer. First of all: Huge thanks to Tale's JSFX plugins plus his libraries. He made them to facilitate the whole progress of digital signal processing - from creating waveforms, noises to setting frequencies and many more. Creating plugins totally on your own is probably not possible in this amount of time. Also because most plugins seems to be written in C++, while I just learned some Java.

For the school I made a documentation, where I typed down every step I made. You can read it here but it is written in German: Click to see the documentation (German)

If you want to use a simple 8-Bit Synthesizer in your music, you can download the synth here. It is only working for REAPER though: Download here

Please check out Tale's page for even more variations of his libraries: Tale's website

How to install JS plugins: