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On this page, you can listen and buy my latest album and songs I made. I never really composed anything so far since 2012 and never tought of making it - only covering. In 2012 at the end, a politician teacher came to me, asked for a chicken song to make and I actually had my first task making a song. Which was successfully made so far. Anyway, I never really got into it since - one year later - I made my first solo album. In 2016, I slowly starting making more music for myself and others and see it as a challenge and comfortablisation to compose music. In 2017, I also call myself as a producer for electronic songs. Enjoy the sound and if you like, buying my stuff would always help me so every donation or purchase is highly appreciated!

That Was It Published: 07.11.2013

That Was it was my first solo album I made. The actual first song came in October 2012. A teacher from my old school asked me if I like to create a song for his politic project. It was about chickens and farms so I got the idea of a farm song. That was also my first song I have ever composed. I thought of putting it into an album and naming it "That Was It" because the story tells a lifespan from birth to death. The album contains nine songs and the last one wears the album name. One song is called "Atlantis". This song is not composed by me, it is composed by Thomas Schmidt Kowalski, a German composer. Unfortunately, he died in 2013. My father was a good friend of him and he made a piece for me once and named it Atlantis. As an honor I made a guitar version of the originally piano version of this song! You can download the album here:

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The album is completely free!

Cover Album: Medal Fortress Published: 16.08.2014

My first cover album for video games was Medal Fortress. Team Fortress 2 was and actually is still my favorite game I have played. The only game, where I literally spent over 1000 hours of gaming. The first time I saw the game was by a friend and immediately, I was fascinated by changing classes whenever you want. I did not download it back then, since I was not used to Steam but later on I accidentally found it back, played it and loved it. In 2013, I had my golden times with TF2 so I decided to make an album of the soundtracks of the games at that time. It was a great experience for my arrangement and some parts were really hard to play. The name came up because in the American slang, people tend to say medal instead of metal. The soldier in the game also likes to give away medals so that was the reference. Looking now on TF2, it seems to die slowly since developers do not give the game that love anymore unfortunately. If that is the case and TF2 dies, I will make a full album again honouring on all songs as a thank-you for the great times.

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Infinite Chip-Signals Published: 22.10.2014

Infinite Chip-Signals was my second album. Processing came up between summer 2014 while I played my new game "Super Hexagon" at that time. I was inspired of the 8 bit sound plus the modern drum samples. After a while finishing this game, I started to create my own tracks. So I have downloaded a bunch of samples plus only free 8Bit VSTs and started playing around. It started with little tunes and chords creating my favorite video game music. Little by little, I slowly started my first composition in 8Bit. It was the Mister Bubblez Galaxy. Actually, the song kept like it exist now but instead of the slower breakdown, I originally had the riff from Wicked Deamon Planet in there. I thought that it sounded really different so I took that riff out and created Deamon, now Wicked Deamon Planet. (Every song has a reference to the space) After a while looking at this riff, I had cut out parts in there to make it more groovy and so my electronic music style was born.

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Cover Album: Twängy Diary Published: 01.12.2016

Twängy Diary basically was a challenge for myself. In 2014, on my Youtube Channel, I tried to make a Christmas Calender. That means 24 songs from the first December to the 24th December. Unfortunately, I got really ill in that time so I was not able to end that challenge. Surely that made me really angry and I decided to make this challenge again in 2016. To save it up and making certain, it would work this time, I started on the 5 November and it actually was not needed because I did very well. Until November 30th, I managed to cover a song every day so I was able to sit back and enjoy the December. Actually, those songs should be put into an album but unfortunately, one or two songs were not able to license so it was not possible to publish that album. That is fine, so you can listen to this for free on the link down below. The album contains 24 great video game songs, mostly from Nintendo but also from other great games. Most of them were my favorite songs I always wanted to do but never came to finally do them. Enjoy listening!

Listen and watch the full album here

Die Redaktion Published: 04.03.2017

Die Redaktion came up with the name through Redemption. Then I made Die Redamption but that word doesn't even exist. So Die Redaktion came up. This is the second sequel of the 8Bit album. I used better Synthesizers to create a more heavy and darker sound. It also includes my groovy random riffs and also contains a lot more sound variety. These songs are not really connected to each other but they do tell a story within their title. The mix is still very direct and clean. In March I finished the album and you can download it for free or support me directly through extra donation. The album turned out as a full of melodic and groovy album and almost every song has a different style.

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The Dark Ship Published: 28.07.2017

Basically, The Dark Ship was a spontaneously created EP because I was watching some EDM festivals. I recently enjoy listening to great Dubstep and Electronic music but what I have noticed between those and my long time listening Metal music: The anger and evil. Surely, this EP is not directly into that genre but it is, like my other music, telling a story and the songs are connected each other. With some highs and lows. I got more into sound design in Massive as well as creating own samples with a new audio recorder. The main point also should be the groovy lines and a full sound spectrum is available. For a summer holiday project, I am really content with this EP.

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In Planning: A Piano album (no name yet)

I do plan a piano album for 2017. So far three tracks are done. The entire album should be a dark, sad and depressive feeling. I found out that composing music like that is not entirely hard for me so I think it is a good way to make one and see, how good I can get in there. I will work on that after the Redaktion album! An art for the cover photo is already planned!

Singles, Jingles, Tracks, Betas...

Since making own songs, sometimes I make tracks for fun, for others, a project, special persons, whatever. Some of them are still existing, some of them are gone forever. However, I want to keep them saved here on this server listening to old inspirations and stuff. If you like these songs, you can download and use them for your own animations or videos or whatever, whether you credit me or not for free! (Credit surely is appreciated but not needed) More songs are also available on my Soundcloud.

Have fun listening! \m/ >.< \m/

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