My Youtube Channel

Another big representation of me is my Youtube channel. In my teenage time, I used to play a lot of video games. Mostly from Nintendo but also Playstation and that stuff. Later on, I also got into Computer games and so I created my Steam Account back then in 2011. I enjoyed a lot of Soundtracks in those video games in 2011 so I looked for people, who actually covers "video game soundtracks". And there were some. I always was curious, that people actually enjoy and cover video music but I was totally flashed and hyped for a new song every time as well, because it definitely was my music at that time. After a while I started creating my own recordings. My first audio interface was the M-Audio Fast Track interface, which was not the best to start. A half year later I bought the Line 6 POD Studio UX1 and with that interface, I finally started my Youtube channel because I thought, the quality improved a lot to represent it on Youtube.

My newest cover [top]

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Laptops: [top]

Current laptops: Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-572
  Asus N551JX CN079H
  Lenovo Thinkpad T430

Instruments: [top]

Current Lead & Rhythm Guitar: Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50s
  PRS SE Custom 24
Bass: Harley Benton HBZ 2005
Drumsoftware: Toontrack EZ Drummer 2
Synthesizer: Native Instruments MASSIVE
  XFer Serum
E-Piano: Yamaha P-60
Acoustic Guitar: Fender T-Bucket 300CE
E-Drum: Millenium MD-90
Another Electric guitars: Harley Benton Strat
Ibanez RG350 DX WH
  Schecter Omen 8 BK
Another Bass Guitars: Fender Precision Bass 1966
Harley Benton Acoustic Bass
Harley Benton
Acoustic Guitar Epiphone EJ 200 CE VS
Other instruments: Thomann Melodica
Thomann Ocarina 12 Hole
Hohner Concertio III Accordion
A cheap no name violin
Harley Benton HBV 990SKL 4/4 Electric Violin
MIDI Instruments Novation Launchpad Mini
Miditech Garagroove
Miditech Midistart Music 41

Hard & Software:

Audio Interfaces: Line 6 POD Studio UX1
Fender Mustang 1 Amplifier
M-Audio Fast Track
DAW: Cockos Reaper
Mixcraft 7
Microphone: Blue Snowball
t.Bone SC450
Logitech Desktop Microphone
Mixing Speakers/Headphones: AKG K72
Trust GXT 628 2.1 Speaker System.
Videocamera: Logitech C920
Kodak Z5 Playsport
Sony Cybershot
Videosoftware: Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11
Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9
Sony Vegas Pro 14 Edit

Download Covers [top]

Download all 2012 Covers here The rookie year: 2012 was my year, where I finally started with video game covers. I actually had a channel already starting in 2011 (with the name of KKKyire, which is now my second channel called Flaggschiff) but these covers were rather bad due to my old interface. I got my Line6 POD Studio UX1 in in May and I immediately noticed improving. The reason I started in August, is that I finally bought everything together to start and I tried to focus on older games but also on my favorite game Team Fortress 2. In 2012, I used my first guitar, the white Ibanez but I always wanted to have a Telecaster, which I bought in the end of the year.

Download all 2013 Covers here The curious year: In the beginning of 2013, my cover of "The Calm" was used by Dr Face in one of his videos. I really got a push and surely, focused more on TF2 covers. But also still lots of old classic game songs as well as trying games out. My tones in this time were actually a decent combination of the tube amp from PODfarm as the leads and a really high distorted sound for my 8 string, I bought in the summer of that year. I did not experimented that much in sound, more I tried out both guitars in the first months as rhythm/leads and the other way around. The highlight was the Terraria 1.2 Medley at the end of the year.

Download all 2014 Covers here The productive year: 2014 was, so far, my most covered year. Tonewise, I decided to leave out my metal guitars (the white Ibanez and the 8 string Schecter) and focus only on my Telecaster sound. I tried to proof, that any Telecaster can sound heavy without using standard high amps. I often switched around with classic rock amps and also tried octaver pedals as well. Every song was in that style that year. I also only used PODfarm for the bass tones - guitar tone was made with a Fender Mustang amplifier. In the beginning of August, I switched my Pickups on the Telecaster for a brigther sound, which is more close to the original Fender guitars. In May, I made a 6 days challenge and in December, I tried an 24 cover challenge, which I didn't make because of sickness.

Download all 2015 Covers here The random year: In year 2015, I uploaded more irregularly. I started with weeklys but because of some social things, I spent more time in that. Also school was a disaster in this time of choosing the wrong one, trying to make it good on cramp. I still used my Telecaster for sure but I came back to the Line 6 PODFarm, since I purchased the metal shop expansion for more sound variety. Later in the year since August, I tried a more direct sound with some percussion and extra effects. Also the arranging changed too and tone wise, I did not exagerrated with the mastering.

Download all 2016 Covers here The downfall year. In 2016, I also started with weekly covers but I did not make it, just because of really bad experience with the problems being said above. More random covers of new and older games as well as chosen covers doing. A huge break in the months between June and September. Musically nothing there. I started coming back in October with weekly videos as well as challenging again to the limits - the 24 cover challenge was successfully made and I am really content with that. Never let you getting down, stand up and make the best out of it! I am rebuilding everything there and started to get active. I also founded Fortress Werk at the end of the year but I also need to work in a company but I used the time for reaching slowly my next level - which is still a secret ;)

Recent year: 2017
The rebuildung year. In the first months until June, I was not making any covers - I composed a lot, worked hard getting "Die Redaktion" done and was still musically highly active - The highlight was winning the music contest by RichaadEB, where the first price was a new electric guitar. In June more covers were coming again as well as learning and learning for my next really big goal. As I said: It is a secret yet

Strings, Picks, Amps [top]

I also use this kind of stuff: Strings!

For strings, I used three kind of brands. My first one were "D'Addario Strings". They offer a lot of good and cheap strings and I was never disappointed. But nowadays I moved to "Ernie Balls" and "Fender Strings". Ernie Balls have a lot of different string gauge while Fender are really good and clean. My typically string gauge is 62 - 12. Sometimes the lowest string goes up to 68. In my videos, I often changed the tuning of my guitar. I started my channel with Drop B flat, then moved to A sometimes, then back to B or C. When I got my Telecaster, I used to play a lot Drop C which is the perfect tuning for making heavier riffs. In 2015 I decided to stay in B tuning but you all know that B is a really annoying key to play in. For now, I am using Drop A. It is a really low tuning but it incredibly sounds amazing for clean. For distorted sounds, it does sound really low but it is hard to mix it very well. String gauge from 12 - 68 is perfect for this tuning. My 4 string (normally the G string) surely isn't plain but wrapped, which is super comfortable.

I would never play standard tuning again for two reasons. First: Standard tuning is the most played used - I want something different. Second: Lower sounds better in my opinion.

"Hey MetalFortress, do you even use a pick?"

Me + Electric Guitar + Picks doesn't work. No, I don't use a pick for electric guitar. When I started teaching guitar on my own, I saw everyone is playing with a pick. Surely I tried it too and it definitely was comfortable for me as well. But! The reason why I stopped playing with pick was imagining playing on a show. I thought, it would be the most biggest accident to lose accidentally your pick while performing, that could ever happen. Thinking of made me really scared so I stopped using picks and invented the finger nail technique on my own. Friends said that I could try it like Mark Knopfler, a really good finger player guitarist from the band Dire Straits. For myself, it was not even close the best choice to play fast speed picking solos so little by little, I changed my style and now I never use a pick for the Electric guitar. I still use a pick sometimes for the Acoustic Guitar. There I have the problem of sounding weak because of the missing power of distortion. When recording Acoustic Guitar over a Microphone without a pick, the recording sounds weak, muddy and just out of strength. That's why I still prefer a pick there but surely I can do both.

Any Amplifiers?

Amplifier-wise, I am equipped with three amps. My first amp is an fake Orange bass amp. That amp came with my first bass, so it basically was a beginner set. There I was able to easily start jamming with the bass. Nowadays I still use this amp for two different areas: It is my practicing and monitoring amp (guitar sounds really low ended but it's fine) and it also is footrest. I like this amp really much!

The second amp is my Roland Cube X 20 Watt. This was my first guitar amp but I don't use it anymore. It only has 6 presets from clean to distorted but that is just for practicing. Maybe I could use it for a street show, because it supports batterie using. The price was really high though - I got it for about 130 Euros if I remember correctly. For less money I got my Fender Mustang.

The Fender Mustang amp is a really versatile and beginner friendly amplifier. It has much more settings in the blues and rock area. For metal sound, you have two amps but they sound decent. You can actually make a good sound of it but you need a lot of patience. The sound for leads is still awesome though and it is an easy amp to record with since you can direct monitor your sound from the amp itself without any latency. The software "Fender FUSE" allows you to edit the sounds directly on the amp so once you found your sounds, just play and play and record. Highly recommended from my side!