Line 6 PODFarm Presets

I offer you my presets I have used since 2012. These are older presets but you can use them with the standard version of PODFarm.

For recording I am using the Line 6 POD Studio UX1. It is an audio interface, which allows you to connect guitar and bass into your computer. Line 6 also offers a software called PODFarm 2. It basically simulates a lot of different amplifiers in just one software. That means it contains everything you need to start. PODFarm is a great way to start into recording and it is not just for beginners.

Download my tones from 2012 - 2013 (Works with the Standard Version of PODFarm 2)

In 2014 I only used my Fender Mustang amplifier for creating old school tones. Some presets are still available there so I am going to upload them someday too. It only works with amps, who supports the software Fender FUSE.