My favorite free using VST Plugins

On this page, I want to show you, which VST plugins I use and which I recommend for your own work. All of them are FREE to use and to download. If you like them, go check out the author and support him! Most VSTs makes life such easier. For those, who don't know VST Plugins: VST Plugins can be downloaded to implement them in your audio workstation. They can be either an effect (Reverb, Delay, EQ, etc.) or an instrument, usable with MIDI (synthesizer, strings, just any instrument using samples). Here are my favorite, free using VST plugins, I use in my mixing:

Limiter №6 [top]

Limiter №6 is, like the same already said, a limiter. I use a limiter mostly in groups and mostly that in the mastermix. The limiter works super fine for me, since it not only can use compressions: Study the functionality and get used into the clipper or peak limiter, which gives you more functions to compress your mix into a decent volume and limit to the accent of every little peak, your instruments are doing. Definitely check this Limiter out, if you want to pimp your final mix. I highly recommend it also for crazy dubstep/electronical melodic filled mixes to make it more fattener.

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epicVerb [top]

epicVerb is a great reverb effect for any styles and any instruments. Reverb is one of the common effects using for specialize your sound and for me, it does it very well. Not every reverb is reverb and the cool thing about epicVerb is: The price! It is free but you can switch from hall to room to plate and so on and it gives you a lot of settings to change the reverb effect without getting it into a sending track. I mostly clear up my leads in it as well as some microphone recorded instruments, because it always gives the sound a nice touch feeling into a bigger room. Definitely check it out, if you are not content with your build-in reverb plugin!

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TAL-Filter [top]

TAL-Filter is a little tweaky software, where you can experiment with Low and High-Pass-Filter. Those effects are more common in the electro music genre but in my opinion, it is ubiquitous useable in any kind of genre. I prefer to have atmospheric parts more high-passed. Acoustic instruments get, when available, a high-passed drum for the special calmness effect without loosing the sound. A build up with a classic LPF is irreplacable as well as my favorite guitar build ups before the breakdown using a high-passed to create tension. You see; lots of varities.

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